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Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

        In the dynamic world of metal engraving and precision machining, the fiber laser marking machine by Sunnyway Enterprise is the ideal choice. Achieving precision with high quality, our fiber laser marking machine matches perfectly with most needs due to its versatility and minimal maintenance.



Machine model   DR-20T1/DR-30T1/ DR-50T1


Output power    20W / 30W / 50W


Wavelength     1064nm


Beam quality m²    <1.4-<1.8


Q switch frequency   20kHz-80kHz


Marking range(standard)    110*110mm


Marking range(optional)    150*150mm / 175*175mm / 220*220mm / 300*300mm


Marking depth      0.01mm0.5mm


Min. line width      0.01mm


Min, character size    0.2mm


Marking speed         10000mm/s


Repetition accuracy    0.0001mm


indication light        Red light, wavelength=650nm


Cooling mode        Air cooling


Electrical source      (110-264V)50/60HZ


Power consumed     500W-800W


Machine weight     100KG


Dimensions L*W*H     800 X600X1420mm


    Marking content:LOGO. Numbers, letters, Chinese characters. dales. qr codes, bar 

codes, stream Numbers, pictures, etc。


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