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Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine

    Ultraviolet laser marking machine, focusing on the spot, and processing and heat affected zone small, thus it can be for ultra fine marking, marking, special material, the opposing effects have higher requirements of customers preferred products. Ultraviolet laser without hot work, marking the result of cutting precision, smooth and sidewall steep, won't produce heat effect, won't produce burning questions, in addition to copper, a lot of material to 355 nm uv light is absorbed. So UV UV laser is suitable for processing more material types.


Machine model   DR-3ZW/DR-3FZW


Output power    3W (5W10W)


Wavelength      355nm


Pulse width      <20ns


Pulse repetition Rate     10-200KHZ


Spatial mode      TEMO0


The speed of light quality m²      <1.2


Beam diameter      0.8±0.1mm


Beam full divergence Angle      < 1.2mrad


Beam cirularity               >90


Marking range (standard)      110*110mm


Marking range (optional)      150*150mm /175*175mm /220*220mm /300*300mm


Marking depth               0.01mm0.5mm


Marking speed                7000mm/s


Min. line width               0.01mm


Min. character size           0.2mm


Repetition accuracy          ±0.0001mm


Working temperature          10-35

Cooling mode                 Water cooling


Electrical source        (170-264V)50/60Hz


Power consumed           800W-1000W


Machine weight           150KG


Dimensions L*W*H      1200mm X 650mm X 1650mm / 1400mm X 650mm X 1420mm


    Marking content:LOGO, Numbers, letters, Chinese characters, dates, qr codes, bar codes, stream Numbers, pictures, etc。


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